The Urge to Return, 2020

Very black ink, local postcards, household paint on card.
29.7 x 42cm.
£80 unframed UK postage included.

The Urge to Return: time spins away from us, faster than we expected. We move forward but look back.

2020 has been a historic year, forcing adaption and reflection. We have been sharply reminded that life is not predictable, is guaranteed to change and we may not like how things develop. It forced me to consider what is important, where value lies and where hope balances loss and fear. With turbulence comes a shake up, where the additional is sieved away.

Found Horizon.
Very black ink, local postcards, household paint on card.
42 x 59cm.
£80 unframed UK postage included.

Found Horizon: like walking at night along sea cliffs and suddenly seeing lights across the water.

With You.

30 x 17 cm.
Very black ink, local postcards,house hold paint on card.
£55 unframed including UK postage.

With you: the loss of a dear friend. Holding and being held by old friends.
Loss can bring intimacy beyond distance. I am grateful for being With You.